Why Sea Assist?

We are Bermuda’s only marine assistance service with U.S. Coast Guard endorsed Tow Captains with knowledge in risk assessment, towing and salvage operations, offering an annual affordable membership to Bermuda’s boating public allowing us to take the “What If” out of boating experiences.
We will not only provide assistance on the water but we will continue to look after your vessel throughout the year for your boat on its mooring or berth to ensure that your bilges are dry and any defects or maintenance issues will be reported to you immediately. We can take care of your annual boat maintenance program including mooring, haulage and servicing needs.

Priority Member Service

Sea Assist serves members first, because we prefer throwing you a line instead of making you wait for the next kind boater. Knowing who is coming to help you is important and Sea Assist membership also means no hassles of reimbursement or filing of insurance claims.
Have a boating problem? You call Sea Assist. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of such reassurance for those who love the boating lifestyle.

For others, value boils down to dollars and cents. From this view the economic advantages of a Sea Assist membership are clearly a good investment. Consider the cost of on-water assistance if you are not a member of Sea Assist. Depending where you are, hourly rates start from $250 per hour from the time the boat leaves its dock until it returns to its dock. The further you break down from the island, time of day, weather conditions, etc. all contributes to that rate. For Sea Assist members, all that time is free and that adds up to significant savings.

Local captains are always standing by ready to help and share their knowledge of local waters, and members always receive priority service. The goal of every Sea Assist Captain is to get members up and running again if possible, rather than simply hooking up your boat and towing it home. If there’s a way to get you behind the helm and on your way, Sea Assist will strive to make it happen.

As a Sea Assist member, you’ll also receive plenty of added value beyond the end of a tow line including fuel deliveries, jump starts, soft ungroundings and more, all included with membership.

On-water assistance is never more than a quick call away. Join for peace of mind, the economic rewards or both. Any way you do the math, a Sea Assist Membership is a plus on the balance sheet.