Terms & Conditions of Sea Assist Limited

Sea Assist Limited will provide free towing for a member’s vessel if it becomes disabled, runs out of fuel, or has a dead battery while away from the member vessel’s home dock or mooring. The member’s vessel will be restarted or towed to its home dock, mooring, or port of the member’s choice in Bermuda Waters when the member vessel’s disablement occurs in Bermuda Waters. If Sea Assist Limited provides a fuel drop to a vessel; the cost of the fuel delivered is not covered under the membership.

The Sea Assist Limited Service Area is the Bermuda Territorial Waters up to twelve nautical miles out. Membership Covers anywhere inside the Outer Reef between Pompano Tripod and Sea Buoy. Further service may be available but additional fees will apply.

The Sea Assist Limited membership is limited to one vessel. The membership is activated at 11:59 PM on the day payment is received by Sea Assist Limited unless other arrangements are made. The membership covers the vessel only and is not transferable when the owner is on a separate vessel. If the owner purchases a new vessel and desires to have it covered the owner must contact Sea Assist Limited and the membership must be transferred in order for the new vessel to be covered. One owner can purchase memberships for multiple vessels. Contact SeaAssist Limited for more details and pricing

Exclusions, Limitations and Reservations

Activation: All memberships activate 24 hours from receipt of payment. Any expired membership will have a reactivation period of 24 hours once payment is received. Membership privileges expire with membership expiration.

Boats Over 60 Feet: Service is not available in all areas. If more than one Sea Assist Limited vessel is required the member may be charged for such equipment and services.

Changes to Membership Account: It is the member’s responsibility to contact and inform Sea Assist Limited of any changes to their information, including, but not limited to, primary vessel, home dock/mooring, ownership, contact and other vessel information. Changes are effective 24 hours after Sea Assist Limited receives notification. Failure to maintain current information may be grounds for denial of privileges or termination of membership.

Disentanglements: Disentanglements are performed at the sole discretion of the Sea Assist Limited Captain as an alternative to providing Towing Services, with safety as the priority. Additional charges will apply if a diver is used.

Heavy Traffic: Members always receive priority service. However, during periods of heavy boating traffic or high volumes of assistance requests, response times may vary.

Insurance: The membership is not insurance nor part of an insurance policy and does not provide for any compensation, liability or damages arising out of injury to persons, boats or property. Service charges as part of an ongoing insurance claim such as a salvage operation, wreck removal or the towing portion of a damage claim covered by a hull insurance policy are not covered by the membership. Any payment provided by an insurance company to the member for services rendered by Sea Assist Limited is payable to Sea Assist Limited, and if paid to the member must be paid over to Sea Assist Limited immediately. Insurance companies are not third party beneficiaries of the Sea Assist Limited membership program.

Jump Starts: For safety reasons, members will not receive jump starts at home docks or moorings in order to embark on a voyage. On-water jump starts will be performed on scene only if the Sea Assist Limited Captain, in his/her sole discretion, determines that the service can be performed safely. Mayday Situations: Responses and services to members may be delayed or deferred to give priority and assistance to lives or vessels in grave or imminent danger.

Membership Cancellation: Sea Assist Limited reserves the right to immediately cancel any membership at any time for abuse of privileges without reimbursement. This includes, without limitation, misrepresentation of vessel condition, excessive towing, fraud, intoxicated operation, lack of upkeep and care of the vessel, or abuse of Sea Assist Limited personnel.

Membership Refunds and Transfers: Full refunds will be provided in the instances of Automatic Renewal charges if the refund request is made within 30 days of the effective date of the membership term and provided no membership services have been rendered in the interim. In all other cases, Sea Assist Limited membership is non-refundable, but any remaining term on the membership is transferable by the member upon written notice to Sea Assist Limited.

Non-towing Assistance Items: Items such as containers of fuel, parts, de-watering pumps, SCUBA divers, haul-outs, and the like, are not privileges of the membership program and will be separately invoiced.

Offshore Coverage: Members and Non-Members will receive services offshore when weather conditions, available equipment, personnel and communications permit. Such service varies and at a cost.

Other Towing Services: Towing invoices from non-Sea Assist Limited providers will not be reimbursed. Sea Assist Limited is not responsible for the actions of providers who have no pre-existing contractual relationship with Sea Assist Limited.

Per Incident Limitation: Members are limited to one tow (or Alternatives to Towing) per incident. Pre-existing Problems: Member represents and warrants that the covered vessel has been and will be in working order upon application and reasonably maintained during his/her membership term. Therefore, pre-existing problems are not covered by the membership.

Salvage Operations: Salvage operations, including, but not limited to, vessels abandoned, wrecked, beached, on fire, damaged by fire, taking on water, sinking, sunk, previously sunk, aground, unmanned vessels running free or in any other state of peril, are not privileges of membership. Salvage is provided at additional rates and is often times covered by a vessel’s hull insurance. Salvage is defined as any situation in which a vessel is in danger or foreseeable danger of loss in whole or part

Severe Weather: Responses and services may be delayed or deferred due to severe or dangerous weather conditions. In such cases, the Coast Guard or other government agencies may be notified and requested to respond.

Service Privileges

Towing Services: The member will receive one vessel per incident for assistance towing, or other covered service, when the covered vessel becomes disabled while away from the member’s home port. If multiple Sea Assist Limited vessels are required additional charges may apply. Members get priority over non-members.

Alternatives to Towing: In the sole discretion of the Sea Assist Limited Captain, upon the conditions presented, and to remedy the disablement, the member may receive, as an alternative to towing the covered vessel, a jump start, fuel delivery, disentanglement (no diver), or other on scene service, at no additional charge to the member except for containers of fuel, parts or non-covered services used (e.g., diver, salvage, special unusual requests). If the disablement cannot be remedied on scene, the member will receive Towing Services.

Ungroundings: The member will receive, per incident, free soft ungrounding assistance to the covered vessel when all five of the following conditions apply; the vessel is in a stable, safe condition, not in dangerous surf or inside a dangerous surf line, surrounded by water on all sides, has some movement (i.e., rocking, or ability to rock), and can be refloated upon initial arrival or at the next high tide in 15 minutes or less by one Sea Assist Limited boat. Ungroundings that do not meet the foregoing criteria are considered salvage services and are invoiced to the member as such.

Dock-to-Dock Tows: If the primary vessel becomes disabled at the member’s home dock/mooring, the member will receive one arranged tow per incident at no charge. In all cases the tow will be scheduled during off-peak hours and the member, or a member’s designated representative 18 years of age or older, must be aboard the vessel. Dock-to-Dock Tows are not covered within the first 30 days after membership activation or a change in primary vessel. Tows for hauling vessels out for the season or due to impending bad weather are not covered.

Automatic Renewal of Membership: Unless Sea Assist Limited notifies you otherwise for reasons that remain within Sea Assist Limited’s sole discretion, your Sea Assist Limited membership will automatically and annually renew under this agreement. Accordingly, unless you receive that notification, each year approximately fourteen (14) days prior to the end of your membership term, your membership will automatically renew for an additional one year term, unless you have chosen to cancel your Sea Assist Limited Membership for the upcoming year at least twenty (20) days prior to the expiration date of your current membership term.

You are required to have a current email address on file with Sea Assist Limited so we may notify you of events, including notification of an upcoming automatic renewal or declination. All such notices will be sent to that email address. No printed mailings will be done. It is the member’s ongoing responsibility to keep all information on file with Sea Assist Limited up to date and to modify such information immediately upon a change.

Upon such automatic renewal, the credit, debit or bank card on file with Sea Assist Limited will automatically be charged the membership fee(s) at the then current rate for the membership option(s) selected by member. Should your credit, debit, or bank card be declined the membership(s) will not be renewed, you will be notified via email, and it is the member’s responsibility to contact Sea Assist Limited to provide updated payment information in order to renew the membership(s) by logging into your account on www.seaassist.bm and renewing or calling Sea Assist Limited at

Full refunds will be provided in the instances of Automatic Renewal charges if the refund request is made within 30 days of the effective date of the membership term and provided no membership services have been rendered in the interim. In all other cases, Sea Assist Limited membership is nonrefundable, but any remaining term on the membership is transferable by the member upon written notice to Sea Assist Limited.